Ernst-Friedrich Germar and his legacy modern zoological science (Shidlovsky I. V. Ernst-Friedrich Germar and his legacy modern zoological science / I. V. Shydlovskyy // Visnyk of L'vіv University. Ser. Bіol. - 2009. - Veep. 51. - P. 132-138 (Ukrainian)).

Insects of E.-F. Germar in the collections of the Zoological Museum

Zoomable images are commonly used now to display high definition pictures on the web. This page uses the same technology to publish the high definition images of historically important insect collections.

Access to type specimens is extremely important for a taxonomist, but the fragility of certain types of specimens prevent them from being send by mail. At the same time, travel expences might be another limiting factor for a researchers who are interested in studying historical specimens. Publishing hight definition zoomable images online will help prospective visitors to make preliminary analysis of the collection and decide if it is necessary to come and study the specimen in person.

The collection presented here belongs to E.-F. Germar and is stored in the Benedict Dybowski Zoological museum of LNU. The collection includes 1288 + 2970 specimens belonging to 1830 species arranged in ten boxes. Majority of specimens were collected and identified by E.-F. Germar, however many scientific names, assigned to insect specimens in this collection, were officially published by his successors, E. Taschenberg and V. Signoret. Thumbnails below are linked to the high definition zoomable images where individual insect specimens can be viewed in details.

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