of scientific workers with stock collections
National University of Lviv
        General Provisions
Stock collection of the Zoological Museum of the Ivan Franko (the Zoological Museum) is part of the State Museum Fund of Ukraine and has considerable scientific and material cost.
By working with collections of Zoological Museum of stock may only professionals working in the field of science. They are obliged to follow these "rules" and strictly comply with them.
Working with collections of Zoological Museum of stock takes place only on weekdays on a schedule approved by the head of the museum, or by agreement with the custodians of the relevant sections of the funds.
Specialist, who plans to work with stock Zoological Museum collections, should have a formal appeal of the institution in which he works, to the head of the Zoological Museum, the rationale for working with collection materials.
In case of violation of the "Rules", of which persons being breached, reporting custodian of the funds, stopping. Decision of the head of the Zoological Museum, violators may be barred from further work with the collections for a period of 5 years. Restoration of the damaged specimen is performed by a person who is harmed or institution that she represents. For irreparable damage museum subjects violators may be denied the right to use collections of the Zoological Museum forever.
Zoological Museum with gratitude the research collections of natural objects that are passed to it for permanent storage or as a gift and, in turn, provides for all necessary materials of museum fund collections specialists from other institutions in accordance with "Instructions for registration and storage of museum pieces that are in Zoological Museum of the Ivan Franko " and subject to these "Rules".
Using the collections of the Zoological Museum provides a link to it in the papers that are published. Author of the article, which refers to the collection of the Zoological Museum, the library must provide the Zoological Museum of your publication or a copy.
         The issue and how to work with collected materials
Delivery of materials for use in research laboratories conducted the Zoological Museum curator’s funds for a specified period (term) on the list, which is served with a visa specialist director of the museum. The list remains the keeper, who gave the material filed in a separate folder; it is assigned a serial number and the date of issuance. Later, this list takes the keeper issued materials back, and indicates the date of return. At the same list, the keeper said the state of materials at the time of issuance and upon return.
Issuance types of species or subspecies held a receipt in a separate journal in complying with the above order of issuance.
Not certain materials issued on a separate list, which indicates the number of issued materials (copies).
Collections, which are in use at the museum staff, may be issued only to specialists of other institutions with the consent of those employees.
Professionals are prohibited from making any correction or any other text on the label accompanying the material obtained, as well as directories, files, magazines and other publications. Overrides should be recorded on separate labels indicating the species or subspecies of the author, a legible signature of the person who redefined and dates. If it finds on the label or in files of any errors or inaccuracies, this is necessary to inform the Fund's custodian. With obtained for collection materials must be handled carefully to prevent spoilage and damage. Especially need to pay attention to the fact that no mixing of samples from different collections, samples and their labels.
Professionals from other agencies have the right to compare their collection brought material from museum collections, subject to pre-fumigation (in cases where the material is brought may represent a potential threat to the stock collections of the museum).
At the end of the day specialist is obliged to return the data obtained at the place designated custodian of funds.
The resulting collection of material to pass out of the museum is strictly prohibited. Such authorization may be given only with the consent of the head of the Zoological Museum Head of Department and Dean of the Faculty of Biology, with a corresponding documenting.
Collection material transfer to other institutions for scientific processing is permitted only when accompanied by a guardian and only by the stock committee.
         Return of collection materials
Upon completion of the work with the materials received from the Zoological Museum fund collections, specialist delivers them to the list of the Fund's custodian.
Custodian of funds, issuing materials, in case of delay in their return, is obliged to immediately inform the head of the Zoological Museum.
(Minutes № 5 of 31.10.2011).