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Science Walk in Lviv 26.09.2019

Science Walk in Lviv Science Walk is back! This year we are launching a series of excursions on the development of individual sciences in Lviv. The first in turn - biology. This year, our walk is three exclusive excursions prepared by scientists specifically for our event: - Excursion to Benedict Dibovsky's collections at the Zoological Museum of LNU and acquaintance with the biography and scientific work of this distinguished zoologist   - Excursion to the old Botanical Garden of LNU and its greenhouses to find out about the history of the garden and its founder Hyacinth Lobazhevsky   - Excursion to the new exposition of the Museum of Natural History of NASU "Ice Age", where we learn about...

What Kills Birds? 24.10.2018

What Kills Birds?   Human Causes of Bird Fatalities Curry & Kerlinger has compiled the following information from environmental organizations and goverment agencies. This list is meant to inform the public and to put wind turbine fatalities in perspecitve. Glass Windows Bird Deaths a year: 100 to 900+ million Dr. Daniel Klem of Muhlenberg College has done studies over a period of 20 years, looking at bird collisions with windows. His conclusion: glass kills more birds than any other human related factor. House Cats Bird Deaths a year: 100 Million The National Audubuon Society says 100 million birds a year fall prey to cats. Dr. Stan Temple of the University of Wisconsin estimates that in Wisconsin...

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