Zoological Museum in project Guides4Art - New technologies in museology


Zoological Museum of Lviv University joined the project Guides4Art, providing for the creation of a mobile application that allows you to find out the most necessary information about the museum. That is, where it is located, business hours, history, exhibitions and expositions, see a certain number of photos with detailed descriptions. Download the application through the Play Market.

After downloading and installing the mobile application, you need to select a working language and allow the smartphone to determine your location. This will give an opportunity to show the map and indicate the distance to the museum, as well as to see information about other museums participating in this project.
The participant of this project is the Zoological Museum of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv became thanks to cooperation with the project office in Krakow, in particular, the content manager Anna Rumyantseva, for which the staff of the museum expresses its gratitude.

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