Science Walk in Lviv


Science Walk in Lviv

Science Walk is back! This year we are launching a series of excursions on the development of individual sciences in Lviv. The first in turn - biology.
This year, our walk is three exclusive excursions prepared by scientists specifically for our event:

  • - Excursion to Benedict Dibovsky's collections at the Zoological Museum of LNU and acquaintance with the biography and scientific work of this distinguished zoologist
  • - Excursion to the old Botanical Garden of LNU and its greenhouses to find out about the history of the garden and its founder Hyacinth Lobazhevsky
  • - Excursion to the new exposition of the Museum of Natural History of NASU "Ice Age", where we learn about the history and contribution to science of two rare exhibits - a mammoth and a hairy rhino, found mummified in the ozokerite deposits of the village of Starunya in the early twentieth centuries. .

The cost of the ticket also includes a professional guide who will tell the history of biological science in Lviv during the transitions between objects.

The total duration of the walk is 3 hours.

The price does not include the cost of admission to the Museum of Natural History.

When: Saturday October 5th, Sunday October 6th
Starts at 10:00

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