Red list of birds of Europe (2021)

The European Red List of Birds relied heavily on the cooperation of hundreds of experts and thousands of volunteers in 54 countries and territories who provided their time, data and knowledge. The enthusiasm and devotion of these people allowed us to create a comprehensive and detailed picture of the state of bird populations and their trends in Europe. Acknowledging the efforts made by all EU Member States that contributed to reporting under Article 12 of the Birds Directive in 2013-2018, we would like to express our special thanks to the following people who contributed and provided information on the species included in this report, requesting forgiveness to all whose name is accidentally omitted or misspelled, Ukraine: Dr. Tatiana Kuzmenko, Olexandr Bronskov, Dr. Mykhaylo Banik, Dr. Ihor Shydlovskiy, Ph.D. Yuriy Strus, Ph.D. Vitaliy Gryshchenko, Ph.D. Maksym Gavryliuk and Dr. Yuriy Kuzmenko (Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds, USPB).
Unfortunately, according to the data obtained, every 5th bird species is close to endangered: European Red List of Birds by BirdLife (2021)
It is honorable that the head of our Zoological Museum and associate professor of the Department of Zoology Igor Shidlovsky is also involved in these works.

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