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Photo reports on trips 07.11.2013

On Friday 08.11.2013 in the room. 316 15.00 will photoreports   Assoc. Dykyy Igor participation in the seminar "Lynx  research and conservation training workshop" (Bern)   Pisulinska Natalya about going to museums Netherlands under the "Museum of nature: the theory of evolution of life to the practice of living museum" , which is supported by R. Akhmetov's Foundation "Development of Ukraine".   We invite everyone to come and listen!

Zoological Museum in the Register of Biological Repositories 24.03.2013

Zoological Museum of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv entered in the Register of Biological Repositories the acronym ZMD. Details on page

Order the Ministry of Culture 14.02.2013

  According to the decision of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine in the museum will be one day a month for free admission to certain categories of people   On the website of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine published the order № 43 "On the realization of the rights of vulnerable sections of the population to visit the enterprises, institutions and organizations that belong to the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine management on favorable terms." According to him, the Ministry recommends that all agencies and organizations that belong to the sphere of its management, identify a single day last week, month, day of free wheelchair accessible I and II, pre-school children, students of specialized secondary educational institutions, students,...

The new management team ICOM Ukraine 11.12.2012

Recently, in a report-election conference of the National Committee of ICOM, which elected a new leadership of the organization. President: Layevskyy Sergiy - director Chernihiv regional historical museum named VV Tarnovsky. Vice Presidents: Mazuryk Zenoviy - chairman "Lviv City Association of Museums and Galleries." Ostapova Svitlana - director of the Odessa Municipal Museum of Private Collections im.O.Blyeschunova. Sergiy Pushkarev - executive director of the Association preserves and museums Crimea. Tetyana Tkachenko - director of Kirovohrad Regional Art Museum. Chmelyk Roman - director of the Museum of Ethnography and Crafts IN NAS of Ukraine, Lviv. Presidium: Lytvynets Julia...

The educational program, "Molluscs" 27.05.2012

Malacology Laboratory of the National Museum of Natural History of Ukraine opened a page of an educational program "Molluscs" look for the address:

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