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CRYSTAL CATERPILLAR ( ACRAGA COA ) If you suddenly see a great beauty gem lying on a green and very juicy (eg mangrove) leaf, take the time to believe in his incredible luck. Transparent and pure droplet may not treasure as usual caterpillar, called “Crystal”. This fantastic creatures – just the larva, which later becomes a mole Dalceridae: showy orange and fluffy butterfly. Photographed her recently Gerardo Aizpuru, scuba diving instructor and amateur photograph wildlife. It happened in Mexico, near Cancun. Acraga coa (name sounds so squeaky tracks in Latin) loves warm and humid tropical climate, so it can happen in the forest wilds of South and Central America and the Caribbean. It looks like lots of crystal beads, which seem to...

A new species of carnivorous mammal 23.12.2013

Not every day (or even every decade) in America are a new kind of predator. Bassaricyon neblina kind of Olinga - the first in 35 years of discovery. Auburn animal from the cloud forests on the slopes of the Andes intrigued scientists that attempts to mate with males of his female Olinga not produce offspring. This year anatomical tests and DNA studies have identified Bassaricyon neblina as a separate species .

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