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There was a museum lesson 22.02.2016

February 19, 2016 on the basis of our Museum hosted the museum lesson on "The diversity of mammals" for pupils 7th grade. Lesson had conducted teacher of biology SSZSH №46 in Lviv - Malyavska Olena Ivanivna ( pictures lesson ). Thank you for your cooperation and invite more!


2-4 February 2016 held a scientific conference the reporting of the University. In meetings attended by all faculty members. From the Zoological Museum were delivered the following report:   1. The plenary – THE ROLE OF BENEDICT DYBOWSKI IN FORMATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF ZOOLOGICAL MUSEUM . The head of the museum Shydlovskyy I. V. and Custodian I category Zatushevskyy A. T.   2. Department of Zoology section meeting – STREAMLINING THE ENTOMOLOGICAL COLLECTIONS TRANSFERRED TO ZOOLOGICAL MUSEUM OF LVIV UNIVERSITY FROM OLD FUNDS LVIV NATIONAL AGRARIAN UNIVERSITY . Postgraduate student, custodian Tymkiv I. P.

Ukraine has joined the ICCROM 04.02.2016 Ukraine has joined the ICCROM

International Center for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage ICCROM has announced the accession of Ukraine to the state of the organization, which has in its ranks 135 members. "ICCROM welcomes Ukraine in the community of Member States, and hopes for further cooperation," - said in a communique on the website of the organization. The process of Ukraine's accession to ICCROM began about 10 years ago. October 7, 2015, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law "On accession of Ukraine to the International Center for the Study of the conservation and restoration of cultural property" (Reg. №0061 from 09.11.2015 years), for which voted 258 deputies. A positive decision on Ukraine's membership gives us first of all access to the latest...

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