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WORLD WHALE DAY Today, July 23, is the 30th times is World Day of whales and dolphins (World Whale Day). This day was established in 1986, at a meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC), which after 200 years of merciless extermination imposed a ban on the extermination of these animals. With this year's whale hunting declared illegal. The ban is valid until today, extending also to sell whale meat. Initially activities were aimed for rescue and conservation populations of whales, but after July 23 had been a reminder of the need for conservation of marine mammals. Every year on this day various conservation organizations in different countries conduct thematic actions dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins. Sometimes on this...


      OUR NATURAL HISTORY, ENDANGERED   Richard Conniff The New York Times. April 1, 2016  

12 Scientific Conference "State of biodiversity and ecosystems Shatsk National Park and other protected areas." 13.07.2016

Dear colleagues !!! Inform and remind that in the autumn from 8 to 11 September 2016 at the Shatsky Biology and Geography hospital Ivan F ranko National University of Lviv, traditionally will be held 12 S cientific Conference "State of biodiversity and ecosystems Shatsk National Park and other protected areas ."   Remember that conference materials may concern aforementioned issues for other regions. Please circulate this information among your colleagues ...   Newsletter № 1 attached in Annex letter! Please do not delay writing of the conference on the latest dates !!! Kindly requested to send their materials and...

SAVE THE RHINO 03.07.2016

Only about 20,000 white rhinos, and 5,000 black rhino now survive in Southern Africa, withroughly 29,000 left alive worldwide. That's down from 500,000 at the beginning of the 20th century.         2013 – 1,004 rhinos poached in South Africa.         2014 – a staggering 1,215 rhinos were killed by poachers in South Africa alone - roughly one every eight hours.         2015 – 1,175 rhinos were slaughtered. If the slaughter continues, 2016 could be the year that deaths overtake births. More decisive action is needed, and it is needed fast.

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