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Over the last year in the United States died, almost half the bees, the scientists talking about the possibility of the collapse of the population 27.05.2016

Beekeeping economy of the United States have lost about 44% of bees last year. This leads scientists to talk about the possibility of environmental disaster and the collapse of the entire population of bees Epidemic mite Varroa, RIA Novosti reported , citing data from the University of Maryland. "We have for the second year are seeing that the population of bees continues to decline at a very high speed during the summer , which should make us worry about their condition. Reduction of bees during the winter - a normal phenomenon , but that beekeepers are losing them during the summer when bees should be as healthy , very worried about us ,...

Days of science in Lviv and the International Museum Day - result 20.05.2016

Today finished in spring # Dni_nauky_Lviv Zoological Museum. For 5 days ( 16.05 to 20.05 ) exhibition was visited by about 650 people , 300 of them - the children! Also on May 18 we held the "Night at the Museum " to celebrate the International Day of Museums ! Those interested were able to " walk " exposition halls from 17.00 to 22.00. and 19.00 listen thematic tour of " darkness ." Because not all were able to get on a tour of 19 we had it again at 21.00 ! Right at the entrance of our phosphorescent met , but not very deep jellyfish and fireflies. Then visitors waiting for a story about animals...

Days of Science and International Museum Day 14.05.2016

Dear friends! As part of the Spring # Dni_nauky_Lviv Zoological Museum happy to invites everyone to visit the exhibition May 16-20 from 10.00 to 17.00 . A May 18 we will celebrate International Museum Day ! So you will be able to dive into the world of nocturnal animals and learn how organisms adapt to life in the dark. So 18.05 the museum will be open from 17.00 to 22.00 hrs ., and at 19.00 we invite you to a thematic tour " Living in Darkness ." It will be interesting!

We again with You! 14.05.2016

Dear colleagues! We are sorry . Our website does not work more than a month because of us independent reasons. But finally it working again . Welcome to our collections , history, and news. Sincerely, Administration of Zoological Museum.

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